Inserting Spectrum Code into dbo.EligibilitySpectrum tableEdit

INSERT INTO dbo.EligibilitySpectrum 
	'#', /* Latest Version number */
	'#', /* Section */
	'#.#.A', /* SpectrumCode */
	'Section Description',
	'Scale Description',
	'Severity Description',
	'#', /* InterventionLevel */
	'#', /* AbuseLevel */
	'#', /* SeverityLevel */

Editing Spectrum Code in the databaseEdit

Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio we're able to create Queries in order to view the data in our Matrix database as well as make up scripts to update or alter our databases.

Before you can alter your Spectrum code you need to get the EligibilitySpectrumID. This can be found using the current Eligibility Spectrum verison that you're using, in this example we are using the 3rd verison and the code we want to look up is: 5.3.D (Section 5, Scale 3, D).

SELECT * FROM dbo.EligibilitySpectrum 
WHERE Version = 3 AND SpectrumCode = '5.3.D';

Please note that the version of the Eligibility Spectrum in  your database might be different, you'll have to see which verisons are in your table and perhaps alter different verisons to see which one is the correct verison.

After finding the ElgibilitySpectrumID we can update the Spectrum code using the following SQL query:

UPDATE dbo.EligibilitySpectrum
SET Details =
'Text or HTML of the Spectrum Code'
WHERE EligibilitySpectrumID = '''###''';

Going back to your browser and clicking a different Spectrum Code and clicking back to the one you're working on, you should be able to notice the change.

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