There will come a time when there are multiple cases made on accident and worked on seperately. The information needs to be saved but merged into the main case file. The duplicate will be erased after it is merged.


For Case Merging we're going to have to use both Matrix Administration and the SQL database where all your information is stored. In our examples we are using SQL Management Studio to work with our databases.

Parent Case and Duplicate CaseEdit

Before we beging you're going to need to get the CaseID for the cases you're are going to be merging. These numbers can be obtained by looking at the URL of the cases you are merging while viewing them in Matrix. At the end of the URL it will say "?CaseID=#####", note that number and the case number as we will need both of them in order to find and merge these cases. The case number can be found at the top right when viewing the case.

Matrix Administration directionsEdit

  1. Click "Case Merger" button (3rd button under Maintenance).
  2. Search for the Parent Case using the Case Number.
    1. Repeat this step for the Duplicate Case.
  3. Check all the checkboxes under Merge Criteria.
  4. Click Merge.

SQL Management Studio directionsEdit

  1. Find dbo.Case and Edit Top 200 Rows
    1. Change the Top Specification to a high number (roughly 20,000)
    2. Execute the Query again
  2. Find the Duplicate Case using the CaseID, make sure to double check the CaseID!
  3. Right-click and Delete the row.

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